Massage spa, body massage, foot massage in ho chi minh city

Massage spa, body massage, foot massage in ho chi minh city

One of Ho Chi Minh Spas specializes in foot and body massage services. Vera Nails & Spa emphasizes on cleancliness and professional friendly staff.


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Vietnamese popular body massage and foot massage

For many people who visit Ho Chi Minh City, massages are one of their many favorite things to experience. 

Where to go for foot or body massage?

Vera Nails & Spa is a full-service spa in Ho Chi Minh City formerly called Saigon. We provide all the popular beauty services from manicures, pedicures, skincare, facials, waxing and the most popular: massage. Our massage spa category has tourists' favorite: foot and body massages.

We know tourists who travel to Ho Chi Minh City do not have much time yet a lot to do so we create the list of massage spa services that give the most relaxing time in the cleanest salon setting.

A lot of walking is required when someone is on sightseeing, exploring or adventuring tours when traveling to an unfamiliar country. At Vera Nail & Spa we know all these activities will take a toll on a person's body and mind. We have both popular foot massages and different body massage styles.

But first, take a few seconds to read through the list of benefits below so you know what to expect.

Benefits of Foot Massage

According to ancient oriental medicine, different parts on the bottom of the human foot correspond or connect to various body systems or organs. By rubbing, pressing on the bottom of the feet will have positive effects on those systems or organs.

Under the two big toes: affect the head. Lessen headache and increase nervous functions.

Around two big toes: affect the neck area. Lessen the pain on the spine near the neck area.

The outer part of the foot: affects the heart. Help regulate heartbeats and reduce the chances of heart diseases.

The inner part of the foot: affect the stomach and digestive system. Increase food digestion.

Bellow two small toes next to the big one: affect the eyes. Reduce eye fatigue and improve eyesight.

Center of the foot: affect the digestive tract. Reduce gas build-up and constipation.

Bottoms of the feet: affect the spine at the lumbar section. Reduce the pain in this area.

Based on this general information, a person can give himself a foot massage, ask family members or friends to give you one.

Better yet, you can stop by Vera Nails & Spa at 67 Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, D1 Ho Chi Minh City. With friendly and experienced staff, spacious, clean salon, we will give you the most relaxing foot massage.

Foot massage and pedicure for a group of happy lady friends.

One family enjoys foot massage at Vera Nails & Spa


Friends take a break from walking for a foot massage

Body Massage

body massage at vera nails & spa

In addition to our popular foot massage, we also have a separate clean, quiet and spacious body massage room. Body massage is for those who want to have a complete head to toe service while laying on a comfortable massage bed. Whether it is deep tissue massage or just a relaxing one, we can give you the most pleasant time. Our spacious salon can accommodate lone travelers, couples, a big family or a group of friends.


The facility promotes comfort, and satisfaction after treatment. All the materials and equipment are washed, sanitized after each use so the customer will have the peace of mind.

Massage services

(with internet prices)

Foot massage: 30 minutes 200,000 VN   ------   45 minutes 330,000 VND

After a long walk sightseeing HCM City in a very hot humid weather, It is the best feeling to be in a cold AC salon and soak your feet in a little warm water foot tub for a great rubbing foot massage. 

Head, shoulder, back and foot: 60 minutes 550,000 VND

This is for somebody who wants to get the best of foot massage.

Oil shiatsu therapy - 60 minutes: 600,000 VND

This is for customers who prefer Japanese style massage with the intention of increasing blood circulation. Our experienced masseuse will work on your whole body while you lay on our massage bed in our quite, soft music massage room.

Vietnamese hot stone 90 minutes: 800,000VND

In addition to massage the whole body to relax the muscle and increase blood circulation, hot stones are placed on the back in order to reduce pain and enhance functions of nerves going through the spine.

Ache / pain relief 30 minutes (reflexology): 330,000VND  

This service is for customers who need pain relief and muscle corrections caused by overwork.


Why Vera Nails & Spa?

Whether you want foot massage or body massage, come over to Vera Nails & Spa. We will try our best to give you the most pleasant time in Ho Chi Minh City.

Massage Packages

Either you are looking for the best massage in District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, come try our salon. We hope you won't be disappointed. If you also like other services, just ask us. We have several massage packages for you. You can combine foot massage, body massage with facial, waxing, or hair shampoo. We have great discount massage spa packages. 

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