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We know that tourists who come to Ho Chi Minh City have a lot to do in a short time frame so we create a specific list of facial services that we hope most will enjoy.

Spend a minute to read through our list of services below and pick one that you like. 

A facial is a skin treatment for the face. It includes creams, lotions, exfoliation, extraction, steam, facial masks, peels, and massage. They are normally performed in beauty salons or spas. Facials are great for general skin health and also for specific skin conditions. Types of facials include European, LED light therapy, and mini-facials.

At Vera Nails & Spa, we emphasize on mini-facials and LED light therapy.

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1. Introductory Facial: 15 USD

A quick treat for beginners or novice. A basic but complete facial treatment. This is great for people who want a complete facial without all the fuss.

Treatment: skin cleansing, dead skin cell removal, skin softening with water vapor, green tea mask. Relaxing head massage.

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2. Impurity Extraction & Skin Renewal: 40 USD   

People come to Viet Nam to enjoy the natural beauty and its hot tropical climate. Like many other developing cities, populous and expanding Ho Chi Minh City has its own drawbacks: dust and pollution. This facial treatment's goal is to remove them so it is great for tourists who have several outdoor activities.

Treatment: skin cleansing, dead skin cell removal, moisturize skin with water vapor, impurity extraction. Brighten skin with Collagen mark. Tighten up skin pores. Relaxing head & shoulder massage.

** Best choice for tourists **

3. Brighten Up Skin: 20 USD

Recommended facial treatment for someone who has been in hot, dusty weather.

Treatment: skin cleansing. Dead skin cell removal. Brighten up skin with a collagen mask. Relaxing head massage.

** Most Popular **

4. Vera's Facial Treat: 30 USD

Indulge your face with much-needed care.

Treatment: skin cleansing, dead skin cell removal. Facelift by massage. Brighten up skin with collagen mark. Relaxing head massage.

5. Vera's Deep Cleanse: 25 USD

More extensive facial care.

Treatment: skin cleansing. Dead skin cell removal, softening with water vapor, deep cleanse, green tea-based mask. Relaxing massage.

6. All Organic Facial: 25 USD

All the natural ingredients are used in this procedure.

Treatment: skin cleansing, dead skin cell removal, facial massage. Fresh cucumber or potato mask. Relaxing massage.

7. Vera's Age spot removal: 30 USD

Improve the facial skin look.

Treatment: skin cleansing. Lighten aging spots. The cooling mask tightens up the pores. Relaxing head massage.

8. Seaweed Infusion: 30 USD

Treatment: skin cleansing, dead skin cell removal. Seaweed extract treatment, Aloe vera mask, relaxing massage.

9. New Skin Growth By Needling: 72 USD

Facilitate new skin growth.

Treatment: skin cleansing. Dead skin cell removal. Induce new skin cell growth, Aloe vera mask treatment. Relaxing massage.

10. Acne Treatment: 30 USD

Improve and reduce acne conditions.

Treatment: skin cleansing, dead skin cell removal, skin softening with water vapor. Acne removal, ultraviolet light Disinfection. Aloe vera mask. Relaxing head massage.


We use fresh natural ingredients from fruits and roots to supplement your skin with essential minerals and vitamins.

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We also specialize in:

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